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MW: Post-graduate singing student at one of London’s major music conservatoires.

“I am training to be a classical singer and sometimes a conservatoire environment can be very suffocating. Brenda started work with me at a point where I was ready to throw everything away. We did a few sessions which involved several different hypnotic techniques such as regression. This for me as a performer was excellent. Brenda took me back in hypnosis to a time when I felt hugely confident and sang to a high standard and I believed in myself. After working through my issues she has given me the power to allow myself to throw away the negative energy and embrace all the challenges ahead of me but most of all she has helped restore my love of singing.”

SK: Teacher, Wandsworth

"Brenda created an immediate and positive rapport with me at a time when my life was in crisis in work, relationships and health and in the several weeks Brenda worked with me, her empathy and understanding brought me back from the brink. There is no doubt that she is a highly professional and gifted therapist who utilises a vast range of techniques which combined with hypnosis helps clients solve their problems quickly and effectively. Learning to tap into my subconscious has made me realise that I have inner resources to deal with whatever comes along – I no longer feel helpless."

CM: Student, Central London

“I went to Brenda to cure panic attacks which were interfering with my life and study and by teaching me to access the hypnotic state, which I found deeply relaxing and enjoyable, she made me realise that I could control my panic simply by choosing to go into the relaxation response rather than opting for the fear, fight and flight option. I was very soon able to carry out “homework” assignments where I deliberately put myself in situations that in the past would have caused panic attacks and to my amazement remained totally in control. I still find it hard to believe that the answer was so simple!”

SH/ PH: Husband and wife, Croydon

"My wife and I consulted Brenda for stress reduction – the usual problems of work/life balance and bringing up young children. We both went for separate sessions which she advised and this in itself was useful because we could understand the process and allow each other the space for regular self-hypnosis practice. This has taught us that although life is still busy we can “recharge our batteries” every day and cope much better with the stress. This has had the added bonus of improving our relationship with each other and our children."

PS: London Session Musician

“Brenda simply has the magic touch! I was off course in life and she put me back on course”

I hope you found these testimonials of interest but just in case you still need convincing, here is a list of famous people who have used hypnosis to improve their lives and enhance performance:

Albert Einstein (physicist): The legendary physicist regularly used it to help him to develop his ideas. Some claim that the theory of relativity came to him during one of his sessions.

Jack Nicklaus (professional golfer): Credits hypnosis and visualisation techniques with his success in golf.

Frank Bruno: WBC Heavyweight Champion used hypnosis before beating Mohammed Ali.

Andre Agassi (tennis star): Worked with Anthony Robbins, utilising NLP and Hypnosis.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis: Took private sessions with a hypnotherapist to help her get over the tragic death of her husband.

Lord Tennyson Alfred (poet): Lord Tennyson, the famous poet is said to have written entire poems while under the influence of hypnosis – tapping into his creative side.

Matt Damon, Ellen DeGeneres, Ben Affleck: All used hypnosis to successfully stop smoking.

Kevin Costner (actor): Had his own private hypnotist flown out to Hawaii while he was filming “Waterworld” to cure him of his sea-sickness which was plaguing his filming schedule – from then onwards Kevin was fine in the water.

Sir Winston Churchill: Used post-hypnotic suggestions in order to stay awake and carry out his duties as Prime Minister during WWII.

Thomas Edison: used self-hypnosis on a regular basis.

Aldous Huxley: used trance—like states to explore the nature of Consciousness.

Sylvester Stallone: Worked with the famous hypnotherapist Gil Boyne while filming “Rocky” in 1975.

Richard Branson (entrepreneur): introduced in-flight hypnosis audio sessions on Virgin Airlines flights for relaxation … was hypnosis how he acquired his entrepreneur mindset?


SLH – Actor/Writer, London

My PSYCH-K session with Brenda had instant impact in my life. The ‘VAK to the Future’ is the most highly developed goal-setting technique I’ve come across – and the process was really pleasurable and great fun! A week after our session, I used the PSYCH-K process by myself to create a new goal for peak-performance for an upcoming audition; I went on to have a great time in the audition and to get the part, a role which moved me a big step towards the bigger goal I had set in the session with Brenda. The self-testing process has also proved really satisfying for me, helping me reconnect with my instincts and the wisdom of my body and my unconscious mind. I’m very excited by the whole thing – it’s a great set of tools that I will continue to use through my life and career.

LM – Orchestral Musician, London

"PSYCH-K is a fun process that does not require you to be put under any form of hypnotic state – which means it is very accessible to those who may not want to go down the hypnotherapy route. I find it attractive that you can use it to enhance many aspects of your life – from changing negative emotional beliefs to achieving career goals. The VAK to the Future has the effect of making the feelings of achieving your goals real, which in turn encourages you to attain them. I have found this particularly useful in giving myself the motivation and discipline to work toward my career-based goal – as the belief that I can do it is already ingrained through the PSYCH-K process."

LB – Student at the Royal College of Music, London

"I had been trying to tie up many ends and achieve many goals, some seemingly overwhelming, all relating to my studies. My PSYCH-K session with Brenda really helped me to focus all my thoughts and put onto paper all the things that I was hoping to achieve as well as manageable, practical ways to go about achieving them. I have the VAK to the Future sheet on my wall as an inspirational daily reminder that these goals can be achieved through easier, stress-free methods!"

MW – Young professional singer, London

"PSYCH-K has been a great tool to add to my collection and is another excellent way in which to re-direct yourself back onto the right road. For me, doing the VAK to the Future was fantastic as it made me reassess my career goals. I realised I hadn’t adapted my career plan for a while and was still trying to work towards one which is now irrelevant and not suited to the stage I am at. Through the session and using the muscle testing at home, I now have much more confidence in where I am at in my life and I know that I am achieving my goals."

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