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Space Clearing

I trained in Space Clearing (Tending The Hearth, House Whispering) with Caitlin Matthews, Cait Brannigan and Christian Kyriacou and it covers a wide range of subjects such as dowsing, feng shui, geomancy, sacred geometry and environmental science that all have bearing on the space that we occupy. 



In my work as a hypnotherapist my main task is to help people access their inner space, their subconscious, to bring about healing and transformation but there is also a correlation between our inner space or “inner home” with the external spaces that we occupy -  our homes and our work places. The hidden energies of buildings affect us whether we are aware of them or not. Space Clearing and House Whispering can be thought of as psychotherapy of buildings and for me this has been a natural development in my therapy practice. 



The correlation between the inner and outer world is a crucial issue.  I can very quickly get clients to “change state” through hypnosis in the therapy room but some may discover that as soon as they walk back through the door to either their home or their work place, or in some cases both environments, they can be sabotaged by their old patterns. 



As a very simple example of how space can affect a client: some time ago I  gave a session to a young opera singer who came because he was unhappy with his voice and the way he was singing and thought something was wrong with it. While I was taking the Case History, it struck me that his problem was not the voice but his inability to find a “Sacred Space” to practise in the house where he was living. As soon as he set up his space and made it special and came to a mutual agreement with the other people in the house about practice, he relaxed and of course the voice and his confidence improved. This seems just common sense which of course it is but it demonstrates how outer space affects inner space.

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