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Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting which was developed by Karl Dawson (with whom I did my training) enhances traditional EFT and takes it to a higher level. It is very gentle on the client and allows us to work directly on memories of stressful life events and to resolve the negative energetic charge associated with them.



Using this technique a message is sent to the body/cells/DNA that the trauma is now processed and over.  It does not take away the memory of the event but clients are amazed that when they recall the original event, not only has the emotional intensity around the issue resolved but they have a new picture of it created in their memory. By changing (photoshopping) the memory in this way you are interacting with what you hold in your energy field which in turn changes your relationship to the past and positively affects your emotional and physical health in the present. 



As a practitioner I have found this a particularly effective technique to deal with Stage Fright issues.

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