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Image by Ruth Troughton

Shamanic Healing

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice known to humankind dating back tens of thousands of years and practised throughout the world in a variety of forms appropriate to the culture it has found itself in.  Shamans were the healers and wisdom-keepers in these ancient societies who utilised the trance state - the original hypnotherapists/psychotherapists.



My own interest in shamanism goes back a long way, however, having researched and experienced many different cultural forms of shamanism, I did not find my true home until 2015 when I was introduced to Celtic Shamanism.  It now seems rather obvious that I should resonate with this form, having been born and brought up in Scotland with ancestors on one side of the family from Ireland.  As a result, I have been training ever since with Caitlin and John Matthews who are world experts in all things Celtic and so much more, as well as being incredibly inspiring teachers.



How relevant is shamanism in today’s world? You may have noticed that currently we are experiencing a resurgence of interest in these ancient practices - the Archaic Revival.  Today’s world is becoming increasingly secular, materialistic and above all devoid of soul, and shamanism puts the soul back into healing by addressing the spiritual cause underlying illness or difficulties, especially problems that lie outside conventional means. Many researchers are now linking shamanic practice and knowledge with Western scientific beliefs particularly insights from quantum physics, modern psychology and neuroscience which makes it highly relevant to modern life providing us with inspiring techniques and methods to bring about mental, emotional and spiritual development.



My training and experience in hypnotherapy and my ability to utilise trance states made the shift into shamanic work a logical step.  Please note that as a shamanic guide or facilitator (the terms I prefer to use) I do not involve myself or clients in the use of mind-altering drugs - results are achieved through naturally occurring states of consciousness.  I do however use the power of sound such as drums, rattles and the voice as a way to induce trance and of course I rely on the spiritual allies that I work with thus allowing me to gratefully side-step my own ego. 



Methods of healing involve the shamanic “journey”, techniques to deal with power or soul loss, and the disentangling of ancestral issues.

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