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Welcome to my new website - Life Performance Hypnosis and beyond…….

I am continually moving on in my work, my training and my research which is as it should be, and so I realised it was time for a new website to reflect my increasingly eclectic and integrated approach hence the addition of the words ‘and beyond’…  I have always considered it to be most beneficial to work on all three levels of mind, body and spirit in my practice - the transpersonal perspective. 

I recognise however that some clients are uneasy with the inclusion of the word spirit into the equation and may wish to remain steadfastly in favour of a more clinical approach which is fine.  However, as society becomes increasingly secular, mechanistic and materialistic many are now feeling that life is becoming soulless and an ever-increasing number are opening up into the whole area of spirituality and consciousness. 

There is a recognition that there is a spiritual aspect to every difficulty, pain or problem. My purpose now is to offer a wide range of modalities which bring together body and brain, science and spirituality, ancient wisdom teachings and modern psychology/neurology etc so you will find on my new website a mixture of the seemingly “way out” with the more mainstream. Welcome to beyond-ness!

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