Past Life Regression (PLR)

Past Life Regression (PLR)

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy” – from “Hamlet” William Shakespeare

This is an interesting one!  Past Life Regression is considered by many to be a New Age gimmick however, many eminent psychiatrists and psychologists (eg Dr Brian Weiss) have documented case studies in which subjects have remembered what appeared to be past lives.  In addition to PLR there is a phenomenon that has been documented called “Lives Between Lives” (LBL) in which some people have recalled being in a spirit state awaiting the next incarnation.  Dr Michael Newton is one of the leading proponents of this. 

There is an explosive interest in regression therapy and spiritual psychotherapy throughout the world and it is a recurring theme in our popular culture. This growing interest requires more therapists to be trained in these techniques so they may expand the scope of their practices and provide clients with the services they request.” Dr Brian Weiss

However, the concept of Past Life Regression goes back much further: it is mentioned in the Upanishads of Ancient India and also in the religious mythology of Ancient China. Reincarnation is a concept that many cultures of the world have no problem accepting – to them it is a given. Dr Deepak Chopra writes so coherently in his fascinating book “Life After Death” about being brought up with the parallel beliefs of his native India on the one hand and those of his school teachers, a group of pious, mostly Irish Catholic brothers.  Also consider this – His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibet who was recognised at the age of two as the reincarnation of the previous Dalai Lama.  Dalai Lamas are believed to be manifestations of enlightened beings who have postponed their nirvana and chosen to take rebirth in order to serve humanity. He is held in high esteem world-wide as a man of deep wisdom and is certainly not viewed as a madman whatever your belief system! 

In a therapeutic setting, Regression Technique (ie for a client’s current life) is used frequently by psychotherapists and hypnotherapists to help the clients explore hidden subconscious memories and thereby enable them to release emotional blockages and mental complexes. As part of my hypnotherapy training in regression technique I was also taught how to handle a past life regression as they sometimes arise spontaneously when clients are taken back under hypnosis to an initial sensitising event (ISE). Prior to my hypnotherapy training however, for a number of years I investigated and experienced the phenomenon of Past Life Regression for myself through my study with Clairvision, the meditation school founded by Samuel Sagan, a French doctor.  He developed a system called Inner Space Interactive Sourcing or ISIS for short. I continue to practise ISIS with other Clairvision students regularly in London.  In the early 1980’s, Sagan was so impressed with the staggering results obtained through regression that he made it his main modality when working with patients. Here is what Sagan writes in his book “Past Life Regression”

“Regression is one of the great techniques of the future in the fields of self-discovery and psychotherapy. One of its essential characteristics is that it integrates two dimensions within the same process: a psycho-therapeutic dimension, and a metaphysical one.

To psychotherapists, regression is a transpersonal technique allowing explorations and releases of unprecedented depth, and through which a much needed metaphysical dimension can be incorporated into psychotherapy.

To spiritual seekers, regression is a major tool in the opening of perception, a powerful awakener of the third eye, and above all a path of mental de-conditioning. It achieves a profound and systematic purification of the emotional layer – not unlike the catharsis which Bernard de Clairveaux, patron of the Templars, used to describe with the Latin word defæcatio, considering it an indispensable preliminary to higher spiritual experience”

Do you have to believe in reincarnation to experience PLR? Surprising though it may seem, it is not necessary to believe in past lives in order to experience the regression process and benefit from it. Even if you think your past life flashbacks are just a figment of your imagination, past life regression can be a very useful form of dissociation which facilitates access to important messages from the deep unconscious.  Some clients are more comfortable with the idea that a past life regression experience is a powerful and highly useful metaphor for what is going on in the subconscious. Whatever your stance, what matters most with regression experiences is not whether they come from past lives, but what sort of improvement they can bring to your present.

However, too many people enter into the process eager to find out whether they are a reincarnation of Judas Iscariot, or Henry the 8th or Nell Gwynne and are mightily disappointed when they appear to have been some lowly peasant!  They are missing the point because the lesson of past lives is always about emotional freedom in the present life. On the other hand even this can be useful -  it may well be that the theme portrayed by the historical figure is very relevant to the client’s life eg Judas Iscariot is associated with betrayal.  

Whatever your thoughts on the matter, so far science has not been able to prove that consciousness lives on just as there is no way one can prove the reality of dreams.  It happens that nearly everybody remembers their dreams, at least from time to time, so that there is little doubt about whether they exist or not. But what if no one world-wide remembered dreams. How could you prove their reality? Each time you told your story, most people would immediately answer “Nonsense!” You could try to produce an EEG showing that your brain wave patterns were altered each time you dreamt. But then the sceptics would argue this only proved that your brain waves change, and that there was no need to invent something as fanciful as dreams in order to explain the phenomenon. As the human race evolves and we have access to more knowledge via the internet on a global level we are reaching a tipping point.  As more and more people experience past life regression the more probable it is that past-life experiences will become as common and accepted as dreams. Certainly access to the regression state has become infinitely easier than it used to be, which could end up having considerable consequences on different fields of therapy.   Once I got past my own deep scepticism and had direct experience I found the practice transformative and I started to make quantum leaps in my thinking. 

A Past Life Regression session is usually 3 hours which is longer than the normal hypnotherapy session as it is necessary to access much deeper layers of the trance state. Clients who are already familiar with these states may be able to access the regression state quicker.  This can all be discussed at the time of booking an appointment. Clients are usually drawn to PLR for the purpose of self-development and spiritual reasons and not necessarily for therapeutic reasons but there is always a level of healing attained by these deep, inner journeys.

NB Please note that I use hypnosis techniques in my PLR sessions NOT the ISIS System used in the Clairvision School. I include the information about ISIS here as I regard Samuel Sagan’s work in the field of Past Life Regression to be extremely ground-breaking. As I have already stated, I personally practise his system regularly BUT I am not an authorised ISIS Practitioner.  However, I regard my own personal experiences using Clairvision Techniques as an immensely important part of my own personal self-development path and inevitably these experiences inform what I do as a Past Life Regression Practitioner.  I am totally in agreement with Sagan’s non-dogmatic philosophy: “See for yourself, know for yourself”.