EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique or it is sometimes called Energy Meridian Tapping and it has its roots in ancient Chinese medicine and the modern science of Applied Kinesology. It is an emotional equivalent to acupuncture without the needles – in EFT we tap on certain energy points to improve the flow of energy and clear blockages.  Thirty three years ago Dr Roger Callahan developed Thought Field Therapy (TFT) using acupoint stimulation for relief of traumatic memories and 11 years later Gary Craig who trained in TFT with him developed EFT.  Although it can be done as a stand-alone therapy I find I can get quicker results for emotional issues using tapping followed by hypnosis.  EFT focuses on negative self-talk and deletes energetic body memories to provide a space for positive hypnotic suggestions to go in.  I also teach my clients the very simple protocol so they can work on their own self-healing between appointments. 

Very recently an article appeared in The Daily Mail written by Lorraine Candy, the editor -in-chief of Elle magazine.  Although sceptical to start with she had this to say:

“….For what it’s worth I’m a convert. Tapping seems to flick a mental switch, asking your subconscious to solve your problems for you.  And after all that is when self-help works best, when it’s delegated.”

EFT is not a miracle cure that can heal all the ills of mankind, but it is a new approach that can bring surprising results and forward movement into all sorts of old, stuck problems. It is quick, and it’s painless and improving the flow of energy is always a good thing.